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TYMQ Series Hot-stamping Machine
This machine is suitable for thermo printing hot-stamp foil onto various paper products, and also can be used as cutting machine for mould cutting and creasing various cardboard boxes and cases. Various high-grade exquisite printed products can be thermo-printed concavely and convexly on this machine so as to get stereoscopic, exquisite and beautiful packed and decorated products.
Features a)High strength cast frame made by top quality materials. b)Smooth running, big pressure and low noise. c)Single-chip electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable. d)Operation altitude is rational arranged; movable platen opens to its optimum. e)With continuous and delay functions, and the delaying range is adjustable. f)Reliable safety protection system. g)Centralized lubricating system. Specification Model TYMQ1100 TYMQ930 TYMQ750 Plan metric effective area 1100×800 930×670 750×500 Total electro thermal power 9(kw) 9(kw) 4.5(kw) Thermoregulation range 1-399℃ 1-399℃ 1-399℃ Continuous thermo printing speed 20(Storks/min) 22(Storks/min) 25(Storks/min) Volume of common foil-feeding 1-800mm 1-600mm 1-500mm Leapfrog frequency 1-99 1-99 1-99 Foil-feeding resolute 1mm 1mm 1mm Motor dates 4(kw)/6(Series) 4(kw)/4(Series) 2.2(kw)/6(Series) Overall Dimension 1900×2000×1900mm 1500×1700×1620mm 1300×1300×1700mm Net weight 4400kg 3100kg 2000kg
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