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DFQ1500A3 High speed Slitting Machine
This machine can be used to slit cellophane, BOPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, self-adhesive paper, Al foil, paper
Feature The unwinding system adopts LPC or EPC full automatic web-guiding system. PLC and touch screen control Round blade and razor blade slitting device Guiding roller adopts imported and China best brand bearing Rewinding pressing roller adopts constant pressing structure to ensure the stable rewinding tension User can choose unloading shelf system according need With cantilever type rewinding structure Unwinder pneumatic lifting structure Technical specification Model DFQ A3 Max unwinding diameter ¢600mm Max rewinding diameter ¢500mm Size width 1500mm Min slitting width 50mm Web guiding control Photocell Precision ≤±0.5mm Main driven system Three motor Control style PLC+touch screen Tension control style Taper automatic regulation Mechanical speed 0-350m/min Unwinding shaft Air shaft Rewinding shaft Air shaft(standard) or Differential slip shaft (option) Machine weight About 3000kg Equipment 1)Main control: China INOVANC Brand PLC and MCGS brand touch screen, with function of meter counting and automatic stop when reach preset length, rest length detecting, linear speed regulation. 2)Rewinding tension: adopt 2*4kw independent motor (A3 series), INOVANCE brand frequency converter and PLC control, with tension preset system, full automatic taper tension control. 3)Unwinding adopt 100N/M magnetic brake and PLC taper calculation control, and with Dynamic tension control function. Extra with material roll pneumatic lifting function. 4)Main motor 5.5kw AC 3 phase frequency conversion motor control by INOVANCE frequency converter. 5)Unwinding and rewinding lock: Pneumatic style 6)Traction: with pneumatic pressing traction style 7)Rewinding pressing roller: constant pressure pressing roller 8)Low voltage electric component Chinese best brand and imported. 9)Web-guiding: with China HuiZe brand LPC, Italy DATALOGIC brand web-guiding photocell. 10)Razor blade slitting device: 8 piece 11)Round blade slitting device: 8 group (above motor and brake power is based on 1300 size, more wide the motor power will increase accordingly) Parts Origin Name Model Brand PLC Controller H2U-2416MT INOVANCE Touch screen PTC7026K MCGS module H2U-51206V2 INOVANCE Motors Vector type CDQC Frequency converter Vector type INOVANCE Web-guiding controller LPC HUIZE Photocell DATALOGIC (Italy) Pneumatic parts China famous brand Bearing C3 HRB Magnetic brake 100NM China famous brand Air shaft (unwind) ¢3″air shaft China famous brand Air shaft (rewind) ¢3″air shaft China best brand synchronous belt Sino US joint venture Precision pressure regulator valve SMC (Japan)
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