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Wall hung toilet-CH10100R
Wall hung type toilet Adjustable mounting height; Dual flush with efficiency; Delicate and smooth glaze easy to clean; Rimless structure; Soft closing seat cover.
1.Wall hung type toilet Adjustable mounting height Wall hung type toilet, eliminates the hygiene blind corner; Matching with concealed cistern, height can be adjusted from 45-9Omm above the floor to meet different consumer's using habits. 2.Dual flush with efficiency dual flushing mechnism with water saving (3/4.5L as option). Concealed tank with high water level, powerful flush and water saving. 3.Delicate and smooth glaze easy to clean Glaze is delicate and smooth, which can effectively prevent dirt accumulation and adhesion, easy to clean. Internal of the toilet pipe with fully glazing, function more stable and smooth. 4.Rimless structure With IMEXrimless technology, the outlet diameter is large with stable water flow. The water full flushes the inside of the toilet with-out blind corner, easy to clean, no dirt remains. No splash. 5.Soft closing seat cover Slim seat cover made of UF material, high hardness and more resistant to scratch; Adopting soft closing technology, more quiet;Quick release. Brand:IMEX Color: White Material: Ceramic+UF seat cover Size:510x360x350mm
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